How to Build Your Own Veteran Writers Group

Edited by Maxine Hong Kingston
Table of Contents


How to Build Your Own Veteran Writers Group, by Maxine Hong Kingston
Anatomy of the Magic of the Vets Writing Days, by Miki Kashtan
Everything is Optional, by Gregory Ross
Share Pain, Heal, by Gregory Ross
Haiku, by Dennis Fritzinger
writing group , by Dennis Fritzinger
meditation, by Dennis Fritzinger
Letters of Invitation

June Writing Group Letter, by Gregory Ross
Does writing change anything?, by Fred Marchant
Winter Retreat, by Nancy Sue Brink
Hesitation Prompt, by Fred Marchant
Walking Poem or Prose Vignette, by Phyllis Meshulam
Hello, Writers, by Phyllis Meshulam
Writing from Story, by Clare Morris
Letter from Ghana, by Miki Kashtan
Letter from Maui, by Maxine Hong Kingston
Texas Veterans Writing Sangha, by Doug Zachary
For, by Fred Marchant
Spring Equinox Veterans Meeting 2009 by Joanne Palamountain and Earll Kingston
The Conscience Prompt by Fred Marchant
Love Letter to My Enemy by Tom Harriman
The Crescent Moon Bear by Clare Morris, based on a telling by Clarissa Pinkola Estes
The Current That Brought Us Here by Nancy Brink
Ellen’s Invitation Letter
Getting Started

Cline’s Corner, by Doug Zachary
The First Veterans Writing Workshop in Texas, by Mike Wong
Hosting a Veterans Writing Group, by Bill Boykin
Of Age and Sitting, by Michael Wong
Deep Listening

Deep Listening, by Dennis Fritzinger
i am the bell, by Dennis Fritzinger
On Silence, by Mike Wong

Like Herding Cats: Workshop for Recalcitrant Writers, by Bonnie Bonner
Writing About War and Peace: Inside a Veterans Group, by Shepherd Bliss
Writing The Fifth Book of Peace, by Maxine Hong Kingston.
Using the Five Precepts as Plots, by Maxine Hong Kingston

Sitting Meditation, by Amaravati Buddhist Centre
Walking Meditation, by Thich Nhat Hanh
Eating Meditation, by Dennis Fritzinger